cracker snaps


For each cracker you will need:

  • Cardboard tube (loo roll tube is perfect!)
  • Sheet of A4 paper
  • Glue and sellotape
  • String or ribbon
  • A cracker snap (see here)
  • Decorations
  • Gift or toy

How to Make Your Cracker

1. Decorate your paper with drawings, glitter etc., or use wrapping paper cut to A4 size. Make sure you don’t get the paper too stiff, or use paper that is too flimsy as it has to roll around the tube.

2. With the widest sides of the paper at the top and bottom divide the sheet of paper into three equal sized sections and draw lines to mark the sections. Fold the paper carefully along these lines to give the cracker a neater finish.

3. Now place your snap about an inch from the bottom of the paper so that it fits across all three sections. Lightly sellotape the ends in place.

4. Now place your cardboard tube on the paper making sure it fits into the folds you made earlier. Now holding the paper firmly against the tube roll the cracker away from yourself. When your cracker is tightly rolled, quickly glue or tape the seam of the cracker.

make your own crackers

5. Now tie the string or ribbon around one end of the central section where your folds are to create the cracker shape.

6. Before you tie up the other end of the cracker in the same way, drop your gift into the cracker. You may like to include a personal message or a joke too.

7. Extra decoration can be added now if you like – a fancy ribbon around the middle, a small picture or sticker.

If that all sounds like a bit of a faff, why not try one of our ‘Fill Your Own Kits’ – a beautiful hand-made cracker for you to add your personal gift to – the best of both worlds.